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The trickiness of course is defining the differentiation between a Z7III and Z8. If they can’t adequately define and differentiate the two, I’d say they’re better off making the Z8 and discontinuing the Z7 series. If they can, then the two can coexists. And between the Z7III with 8K and Z6III without, I don’t see the one without being seen as deficient as long as it’s priced correctly. And it’d still be in the volume/price sweet spot whereas the 8k models will likely be priced beyond where there’d be adequate volume.

They already made the decision to have a Z7. That's not to say they might not change, but they don't have space for both.

Well I disagree but let’s see.

When we include these hypotheticals, lay things out and fill in the gaps, this is what we'll see:

I have a slightly different take. And it's the Sony Semi catalogue 4/3 IMX472 that has me intrigued.

Z9 - Integrated body, stacked sensor. 45MP now. May grow in megapixels like 60MP in the future. $6.5k to 7k. Pro version of the Z7. For landscape, studio, wildlife users.
Z9s - Same integrated body, stacked sensor. 20ish-30ish MP. The low light machine. $5.5k to $6k. Pro version of the Z6. For sport, high end video users.
Z8 - Non-integrated body. Non-stacked sensor. 45/60/100MP. $4.5 to $5.5k. Not as pro as the Z9, pro-er version of the Z7. For landscape, studio, wildlife photographers.
Z7 - Intermediate body. Non-stacked sensor. 45MP now. May grow to 60/100MP in the future. $3k to $3.5k. For landscape, studio, wildlife users.
Z6 - Same intermediate body. Non-stacked sensor. 24MP/30MP. $2k. For the budget photo/video hybrid user.
Z5 - Entry level body. Non-stacked sensor. 24MP. $1.4k. For beginners.

I don't usually fully agree with Thom, but I'm going to selectively quote him here:

My take would be:

Z9 - 45MP in-house stacked sensor. Highest level AF. Integrated grip. Approx $6.5k

Z8 - 90MP Sony Semi stacked sensor based around the IMX472 base pixel structure. May be quad-bayer but even if normal bayer, I'd expect at least two readout modes. One at full 90MP and the other around 22.5MP. Second tier AF system. Non-integrated grip Z9 body. Approx $4.5-5k

Z80 - 39MP DX Sony Semi stacked sensor based around the IMX472 base pixel structure. 8K UHD capable. Same body as the Z8. AF same as the Z8 (ie. below Z9) Approx $2.5

Those will be the stacked sensor bodies.

Then we have the:

Z7 III - 8K DCI video. $3k. Continuation of 45MP or 60MP BSI sensor.

Z6 III - sub 8K video. $2k Same sensor as the A7IV, which is rumoured at around 30MP.

I'd expect the Z6/7III pair of bodies to be somewhat of a workhorse duo for many professionals such as weddings and portraiture and run n' gun video work. It'd largely continue the current Z6/7 II form factor but maybe add some small changes like full articulating EVF. Pricing would be kept affordable even for the build, especially the Z6 series.

Z5/ZF - entry/retro FX at maybe $1300 and $1500

Z50/ZFc - $850/$950

Z30 - entry level Z DX with full articulating screen but no EVF. Based on the Zfc with the battery rotated 90° (gripless) but non-retro. $650

Z60/70 - ??? but based on the Z6/7III bodies. I find this model difficult to define when there's a Z5 at around $1300. I think if they can incorporate IBIS into a Z50 II, then the Z60/70 may not be necessary.

So my price points would be $650 (DX), $850/$950 (DX), $1300/$1500, $2k, $2.5k (DX), $3k, $4.5-5k, $6.5k.

The Zfc opened up the possibility of a Zf unfortunately, and frankly, I believe a full frame Zf makes more sense long-term than a Zfc. Couple the fact that a Zf would be easier to create quickly than a Z8 that is unique between the Z7 III and Z9, and thus it isn't difficult to see that a Zf might come before a Z8. But then again, it might not.

Even a Zf would make more sense than trying to fit a megapixeled-focused Z8 between the Z7 and Z9.

There is also a possibility that the 7 as we know it now may not be a thing anymore and in its place is the middle ground body that some of you wanted. It's still going to be called the 7, but it won't share the same body as the 6, with the 6 retaining the intermediate body.

6 - intermediate body, low megapixel, non-stacked. $2k
7 - mid body, high megapixel, non-stacked. $3.5k
8 - mid or gripped body, low megapixel, stacked. $4.5k to $5.5k
9 - gripped body, high megapixel, stacked. $6.5k to $7k

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