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Re: The side hinged rear LCD debacle

I belong to the same club David, for all the same reasons. The tilter is like the family cat - no bother really until you give it some attention and then it purrs. The side hinge is more like the family dog - demands attention all the time and can be a lot of fun if you wish that level of companionship. Both serve a purpose.

I suspect that the side hinge is more popular with those who make the lcd their primary go-to for making images. The tilt is more “use it only when you really need it”.

Example given of use with gimbal. Obviously this is a specialised use for a purpose and if you don’t really use a gimbal then there is nothing wrong with the tilt.  But would you ever use a gimbal and the evf together?

A couple of surveys some time ago on the M4/3 forum gave similar answers

40% really like tilt

40% really like side hinge

20% don’t care

Therefore the manufactures have to figure out just which 20% of the market to upset.

I only have one side hinge lcd camera body - the G9 - which of course is a very good camera in its own right.  But in order to stop a brain snap I just pretend that it is a fixed set outwards screen and I get by with that.  But I never-ever fold it inwards to “protect the lcd” as the resultant in-use fiddles are maddening.

One thing seems for sure - that a RF-style body coupled  with a side hinged lcd is a disaster on the market. Vide: Panasonic GX8 and Olympus Pen-F.  It will be interesting to see how the paragons of side hinged lcd (Sony) get on with their A7c camera. Seems quite good, but I passed on it as well as the S5 because of that infernal side hinge.

I don’t expect others to agree. But maybe if the manufacturers offered a hinge mechanism that optionally good take either side hinge or tilt then the matter of how many liked each type could be settled and everyone made happy?

Although the S1/S1R double-tilt is ok I really thing that “tilters” like quiet simplicity and are more than happy with landscape mode tilt only.  I think that tilt is really “occasional need”compared to side hinge which becomes the major capture interface of those that prefer it.

Those that asked for more complex tilt-inclusive hinges I really think are closet side hingers trying to be helpful.

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