400-500-600 & 800MM FLED Back Ordered Everywhere in USA..!

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Re: 400-500-600 & 800MM FLED Back Ordered Everywhere in USA..!

Bing Chow wrote:

patricksmith32 wrote:

He probably should have kept it to himself or at least not have appeared to brag about it. I think it’s gone far enough, let’s just let him collect in peace.

I don't think it's the collecting that rubs people the wrong way. Everyone knows that it's his money and he can do whatever he wants with it. It's the need to be on display that some of us find annoying. Had the thread been about wanting to acquire one these lenses, then the issue of it being on backorder would be relevant. But even so, no pictures are necessary to discuss limited supply. So then the question is, why does someone who already have these lenses feel the need to alert the public that they are on backorder, and then goes on to post pictures of his collection, including gear that is not even relevant? It's like saying, "hey guys, these lenses are getting even more rare, but thank god I have them! Be happy for me! Yay!"

This isn't the first time LensWizard has done this. I didn't participate on his "show us your tripod and heads" thread because I knew what he was doing then. But at least he was upfront about the purpose. This thread is just peacocking, plain and simple. It's the DPR equivalent of cruising down a busy street lined with patios in a convertible Corvette, just to have eyeballs on you, when there was no need to go down that road in the first place.

People who want to be left in peace don't deliberately attract attention.

This has been going on for years. He had / has a different username for when he collected Canon gear.

I mentioned earlier about a 200 f2 VRII that I bought from a "collector" For him, the camera or lens had to be in a pristine cardboard box (for the ones that also came in a box as opposed to a trunk) and they could never be opened. All stored in a climate controlled cabinet.

He also had at a minimum the f mount trinity, 300 f2.8VRII and a D4. All new, never opened, pristine packaging.

Prices were very good and I tried to buy it all, but no luck. I don't think he wanted anyone else grabbing "his collection" so he wanted to sell it individually to different people. Only reason I could figure for not selling it all to me.

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