Nikon D850 v D500 shutter speeds handheld

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Re: Nikon D850 v D500 shutter speeds handheld

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I own a D850 and a D500. I am finding that I am having to shoot my D850 at least 3 x focal length shutter speeds to get sharp images handheld, even with VR on but with my D500, I can get away with 2 x focal length. I shoot mostly wildlife with a 500mm pf lens and I have to shoot at 1/1600s with my D850 to get best results.

I'm surprised by this because I would expect the reverse to be true considering the crop factor of the D500 increases the focal length.

I know the D850 is sensitive to poor hand holding technique because of the high pixel count but my technique is good.

I was just wondering if people had similar experiences.


My thought is forget worrying about the multiplication factor for the focal length and get your shutter speed up. I rarely shoot any wildlife or BIF less than 1/1600 sec and most times much higher. 1/3200 sec is only one stop over 1/1600 sec.

And shut off VR. No need for it over 1/500 sec and I find it creates more issues than it solves. Rarely ever use it.

Try those suggestions and see what your results are. Or even start at 1/4000 sec or higher, and if results are good, work your way back down through the shutter speeds until you hit an unsatisfactory one.

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