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I viewed this 2018 video, to get a perspective of how much smaller the Olympus cameras are than other cameras... The video actually compares the micro 4:3 to a full frame camera when it comes to image quality.

Any comparison that claims to see no difference when it doesn't examine prints of the same scene shot under the same conditions is bogus.

Fortunately, there is a tool right here on DPR that lets you compare like to like: the Studio Scene Comparison Tool.

Are you claiming you cannot see the difference between the E-MI II and the 5DIV in these shots?

The top pair of shots reflects the ISO settings that the video's host probably used in his shots: base ISO on each camera. The bottom post shows the difference when low light has forced an increase in ISO setting.

You're assuming the same f/stop on the lens.

If you really want to compare apples to apples you have to remember that depth of field changes on each sensor - assuming you want to keep an equivalent field of view etc.

35mm f/2.8 on full frame

17mm f/1.4 on micro four thirds

Then you get roughly the same framing, angle of view, depth of field, etc.

Therefore the micro four thirds camera should be at ISO 800.

The advantage of full frame isn't less noise at the same ISO, it's that you can get plenty of lenses that open to f/1.4, which would require an f/0.7 lens on micro four thirds to keep up with.

You can keep the ISO constant then you're no longer have "the same scene shot under the same conditions" - well I suppose it could be the same scene, same conditions - just with very different depth of field or shutter speed.

Arrampicando sui i specchi as we say in Italy.

I was arguing pedantry with pedantry.

Yet another desperate, illogical and stupid attempt to show that M43 is as good as FF on the image quality front.

At no point did I say M43 was better or worse than FF.

Don't you m43 fans ever give up trying to "prove" that M43 IQ as as good as FF.

What is with this forum and saying "you m43 fans" any time M43 is even mentioned in a thread? I notice the OP doesn't own either a FF or M43 camera - yet there are people in this thread arguing that "you M43 people should stick to your own forum."

Now I shoot FF, I understand there is no contest, I the real world of taking pictures.

As we say in America: Do you even Full Frame bro?

Good for you for using the gear that you like. I also use the gear that I like. Sometimes it's FF, sometimes it's M43. Sometimes it's APS-C. Sometimes it's film.

I'm not sure why - you "the real word of taking pictures" - feel the need to brag about your gear to "us the virtual world of posting in forums."

Yeah, I agree... a lot of complaining about something that shouldn't really be so controversial, taking a bout the pros and cons of particular formats. I don't find such a discussion annoying at all, particularly not as annoying as the "mine is bigger" sentiment of some folks who use larger formats and seem to be insecure about their skills. I'm not going to be so presumptuous as to tout my own skills, but I will say that a lot of my favorite contemporary photography has been done with m43 and APSC gear, which to me is a lot more compelling reason to consider this stuff than some kind of chart or theoretical discussion about equivalence. The extra gains that are seen on some kind of tech chart don't always translate to a better result in the real world and there are often very good reasons why larger, more expensive gear might not be the best choice...

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