the early versions of micro m43 ......... not that great ?

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jalywol wrote:

I am the queen of the quest for better sensors, starting with my first M43, 10 years ago; an EPL1.

10+ years out, and lots of M43 bodies, and a few FF mirrorless, behind me, and what have I found out? Yup, the original 12MP sensors were noisy and had lousy DR, especially if the ISO crept up above baseline. The 16MP were better, but still problematic in some ways. The current 20MP are pretty darn good in those respects, even if you bump the ISO a little bit.

But then, I go back and look at some of my favorite images from the 12 and 16MP M43 cameras I have had over the years, and there's a funny thing that happens...I don't find myself looking at the sensor noise or the technical flaws related to early sensor behavior; instead I look at the images, and see some nice stuff that I had done back then.

Even now, when I am using both the 20MP M43 (GX8 and GX9) and a 24MP FF (S5), while I see the difference in output between the two, if I put up a good image from the M43 in amongst maybe some more boring, but perhaps technically superior, images from the FF, people like the M43 image better....In other words, it's about the photograph, not the camera technology that created it.

Some early photos from EPL1, G2, GF3 (12MP), and GH2, EPM2, and GM1 (16MP):

Holga toy lens

Holga toy lens

GH2 Panorama of Black River Falls, VT

Holga toy lens

Holga toy lens

A truly lovely (and nicely processed) series of images.

And you're right: it's really about the photograph, and not the gear which created it. Although in this case, obviously the eye of the photographer had something (quite a bit, I'm guessing) to do with it.

Thank you for posting these.

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