RF24-105/4 performance

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Re: RF24-105/4 performance

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Not having a go at the OP but is this a case of getting hooked on pixel peeping and looking for issues rather than looking at the image ?

I understand if it's holding you back in making sales or the quality is so bad you don't want to print and hang on the wall but isn't it a case of trying to achieve "perfection" of an image rather than perfecting an image.

Just my view and others may well disagree

Thanks, you raise fair points.

I think the thing that is bugging me is that I didn't go looking for the problem, it just became apparent when processing my images. Some weren't as sharp as others, and they were all around the 35mmF/L.

The images I post are just snapshots. My 'critical' images are of misty forest reflections in early morning light - detailed with good, but not too much, contrast. Shot from a kayak with techniques I have been perfecting for years (kayaks are not stable platforms!) I even bought my EOS R and this lens with the expectation that It was the best available for the work I do. That may still be the case, but the IQ drop-off at 35mm is not really good enough for the work that I am doing. It is unique, limited edition. I needs to be good. [Primes might be the answer but have other limitations under the circumstances].

I don't expect a 4x zoom to be perfect, but it is pretty big and heavy for what it is. I think it has the potential to do the job, maybe just not my copy.

I think it should be close to perfect. It’s not cheap and has L branding. It’s the latest version of the lens.

it’s funny, everyone says they wouldn’t shoot the STM version because it is not good enough. Then someone gets soft pictures with an L lens and they are saying stick with it because softness doesn’t matter. Seems like a weird bias there.

besed on my experience with the lens, it is not normal and I’d prob send it into canon to check alignment. Shouldn’t have an L lens you are afraid to use for pictures that matter.

The STM version is not soft.  Example, one of many, below.

Fill flash pointed at the tree on the left, -3 stops.

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