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Re: My own idiosyncratic lens testing criteria

Peak freak wrote:

SteveinLouisville wrote:

When I get a lens, particularly an expensive one, I test it the way I will display it at its largest size. I print it on my Canon ip8720 at 13x19 inches (the largest I can print) and look at it at the viewing distance of the hypotenuse, which is the closest the distance a print should be viewed by someone with 20/20 vision. In this instance, the minimum viewing distance is 23 inches.

I look at it under good light and if it looks good to me, it's done.

I understand this is just my standard, but it has never let me down.

Since I just traded my EF 24-105 f4.0L ii and RF 24-105 STM for the RF 24-105 f4.0L I will print one when I shoot one I really like and see how it fairs. Just shot a few with it so far. So far, so good.

Note: I made the trade not due to any dissatisfaction with the IQ of either lens; My EF 24-105 f4.0L was gathering dust because it is front heavy and ungainly on my RP and if I traded it, I might as well trade the RF STM since it would duplicate the zoom range. I highly recommend the STM for those on a budget or who need the lightest RF option in this zoom range.

Good feedback, thanks.

I am lucky enough to live in New Zealand. I have spent many years exploring, going on adventures, and photographing it.

I have seen some amazing things, and have some amazing images as a result. But, there are a lot of good landscape photographers in New Zealand. If you want to stand out, or even just be competitive, your image quality has to be of a high standard.

For the results I aspire to, they have to print big, without imperfections (which is mostly objective, but a little subjective too).

I expect people will (correctly) point out that the RF 24-105 is not the lens for 'big, perfect' prints but I believe there is a convergence where good enough (unique) content will trump less than perfect quality. The trick is, get that unique content at the best possible quality that circumstances will allow. [Meaning you might have to use a zoom instead of primes for example].

If someone craves great big prints of landscapes, edge to edge fantastic, I would think they would be shooting Medium Format.  With small format, I think they wouldn't be using a F4.0 zoom, but I don't know.  If it doesn't meet your expectations, rent something, test it, only buy it if it satisfies you.

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