Any experience with ON1 NoNoise?

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Re: The problem is not just around the perimeter

David Hull wrote:

gordonpritchard wrote:

It's also in small patches within the image.

I'd contact their customer support.

I noticed that as well and I did raise a help ticket. I haven't heard back yet.

There seem to be some other strange things going on with DNG files as well like not preserving the edits that already exist in LR. When you go to use the program from a DNG and you pick "Edit a Copy with Lightroom Adjustments" it seems to loose the LR adjustments. I would consider this a fault (or a bug) but looking at page 11 of their user guide, it looks like they are claiming this to be a feature.

It has the makings of a good plug-in but needs some work yet.

From my tests I think that this is a way around the fact that Lightroom does not support sending an original RAW file to an external editor.
The DNG created by the plugin seems to just be the original mosaiced RAW information repackaged as a DNG. It is around the same size as the RAW file and with 12 bits per pixel, which is right for the RAW files from my camera.

As the user guide states this means that the DNG can be treated as a RAW file and take advantage of NoNoise's manipulation of demosaicing process as part of the noise reduction.

When the DNG is returned to Lightroom it now includes the Linear RAW information from the demosaicing process so is larger and pixels are 16 bits.

As a test I accessed a DNG created by the Plugin before exiting NoNoise from DxO Photolab, I was able to apply DeepPrime noise reduction to this DNG, so DxO Photolab was able to treat it as a RAW file.

As NoNoise works best on RAW data it does make sense to use NoNoise as the RAW convertor before applying Lightroom adjustments, this method allows that, with sending as TIFF or PSD an option for when one wants to incorporate existing Lightroom adjustments. Seems the best of both worlds.

(There is one bug that I have reported in the Lightroom Plugin, it sends any hierarchical keywords across as individual keywords, the same happens when sending files to On1 PhotoRAW 2021 in On1's SmartPhoto format that allows re-editing at a later date. On1 accepted the latter as a bug to be fixed in due course, and have passed the NoNoise bug across to developers as well.)

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