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Re: Telecentric .... or not.

Guy Parsons wrote:

Raist3d wrote:

Well not sure how exactly you verified.

The test is as specified.

First, the rear element needs to be the same or bigger diameter than the sensor diagonal. Most 4/3 lenses are not.

The the visual test of looking in the rear of the lens to see where the aperture appears to be. If it appears to be in the far distance then it can be considered image side telecentric. In the bunch of 4/3 lenses that I have then most showed none of that effect and a few had a very mild appearance of the aperture seeming to be further into the lens than it actually was.

So the conclusion for me was that none of the lenses was truly image side telecentric and that it was just some marketing baloney that everybody believed but were unaware of how to check and see if the claim was true or not.

What I remember is that it was part of the standard

It was a marketing blurb, but not incorporated in actual lens design it seems.

while not so in m43rds. But at a minimum some were I guess where in m43rds, hard to say who is it.

On that basis none would be "telecentric" in M4/3 because by now the sensor design having oversized and possibly offset microlenses made the desire for image side telecentricity obsolete.

But the magic of a term that nobody understands hangs on. It's exactly the same as believing in fairies, if it makes you feel good then no harm done.

Well, all I can say is that the 4/3rd lenses really had less optical software corrections and what nots than m43rds lenses, in general.

I can say that I sure see different characteristics with the 4/3rd lenses that are better- micro contrast, no need to do some software corrections, not as easy to get purple fringing, etc.

Yes, the more modern designs of the newer image processing chips in the newer cameras allow for more complete corrections to be carried out.

Except that software corrections aren't the same as having made the optical corrections. For example for Darrell distortion you lose data when you stretch the image around- something 4/3rd lenses in general didn't need to do.

That, plus of course more modern lens design allowing a thing like the 12-100/4 to work like a charm through its whole range. Impossible say 10 or 15 years back.

That's def. true as progress in lens design. But there were definitively 4/3rd lenses that worked great through the range- though the 12-100/4 is definitively special.  I agree it's a pretty good performer.

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