a 2021 D700 that you don't need, but will enjoy a lot, I'm sure :)

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Re: a 2021 D700 that you don't need, but will enjoy a lot, I'm sure :)

Age is just a number....and the beauty is inside

It's the only camera I felt sorry for selling or giving it away,


marcio_napoli wrote:


You don't need a D700 review in 2021.


But here's a good one:



If you want skip to the camera talk, go to 5:00 mark.

What you may find interesting is the opinion, not a review, of how this camera handled in a pro environment for 10 years.

We all know what it was good for, but did it handle well commercial and fashion, for example (typically associated with higher MP cameras)?

It did well, as in "I couldn't wish any better" kind of well.

It's a love letter.

Stick with it to the end, it may bring you to tears just as it brought me while I was editing (very easy to know why if you watch the end - camera related or not)

The video is really heavy on nostalgia.

Both from things that are now in the past in my personal life, as in a photographic journey.

I miss those D700 days like few others.

Oh it shows how cameras don't matter.

D700 was fine then, it's fine now, it will be fine in 2040.

I'd use it today zero problem.

PS:If you feel like helping, give the video a comment and a like.

I can't put in words how much I want to make this a living again (been retired since 2014) and your support is the only thing that will make this dream come true again.

Yeah, that's corny, but it's from the heart.

A simple hi in the comments section gives a massive boost for the YT algorithm.

If you can, can't thank you enough

Best regards,

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