M4/3 for birding

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Re: M4/3 for birding

Ontarian wrote:

Thanks for your reply. Good lenses indeed, but need to keep the weight down, and certainly some budget constraints (2000 USD max).

With a used Em1 II, that leaves +-$1300-1400 for a lens.

I would pass on the Pany 100-300mm.

That pretty much leaves the Oly 100-400mm or the Pany 100-400mm both around $1500-1600 new.

I would suggest to save a bit and buy a used Oly 300mm F4 for around $1700-2000. The dual sync IS is superb with the 300mm lens.

Add a 1.4x TC later.

To cover the middle range, you could shop for a used Oly 40-150mm F4.0-5.6 or Pany 45-175/45-200mm.

But consider the 40-150mm F2.8 later. Can be had for around 1k. It is superb alone or with the 1.4X.

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