How to have my photography appreciated, or mean something?

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Shoot photos that people need

One of the things I have found is that it becomes well worthwhile to be interested in photography where people "need" good photographs. In the ancient University days I accidentally started taking photographs of the Performing Arts in theatre and dance because I found the subject interesting as a diversion from my studies in math and physics. Many of the images were published in the University yearbooks. It turns out that the Alberta ballet liked my images and hired me to photograph the performances while on Alberta tour. Of course this resulted in many newspaper articles and a few in the national dance magazines.

When I got involved with digital about 2001 I went back to the same University to shoot some dance. Based upon those images the fine arts department hired me and this resulted in some good money and dozens of posters being printed for the performances which of course gave me good exposure across the city.

I became interested in shooting speed skating and also show jumping. Both of these resulted in many Publications and income. Even Rodeo was an unexpected partial success.

My interpretation of all this is that it is worthwhile becoming interested in shooting subject material that "needs photographs" and competition from other photographers are at a lower level. I never became interested in shooting pretty scenery in part because there are so many photographers who do so extremely well even though I did a large amount of 4 x 5 Scenic work and everybody in a certain way was better than me.

Even shooting beautiful women was a success in a social context and was nothing more than an ego boost but was delightfully fun

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