Nikon Z system for a beginner

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Re: Nikon Z system for a beginner

Paul Pasco wrote:

The Maverick wrote:

Hi guys,

I'm planning to buy my first camera and after handling some cameras ( Sony a6400, Fuji X-T30, Canon m6 mark ii, Canon 200d, Nikon Z50 & D5600) I felt that the Nikon Z50 was the most comfortable in my hands. But after checking some specs I found it has a resolution a disadvantage compared to its competitors. And it has an awaful selection of lenses.

Yes, at first glance it would appear that the lens selection is awful but you could do a lot worse than the 16-50/50-250 kit lenses and not much better from anyone.

Its still awful at second, third, and fourth glance. Basically, at every glance. Nikon has almost zero interest for APS-C.

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