the early versions of micro m43 ......... not that great ?

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Re: the early versions of micro m43 ......... not that great ?

Albert Valentino wrote:

Mr Giggles wrote:

I remember using an early version of the GH series and being really underwhelmed by the image quality.

there was a really boring rending to the images which reminded me of the Oly SLR cameras from 15 years ago ...... which I hated

maybe the editing software was not optimal and to be honest I forget which RAW editing software I even used ..... I always shoot raw so I know I was not seeing in camera JPEGS

did you discover a special raw editor which brought quality similar to the modern M43 ?

For many of us the editor of choice for m43 isDxO PhotoLab . I invested in it when I moved over to m43 in 2016 and never looked back 👍

It would be interesting to hear how well your old raw images render in the latest version of DxO PhotoLab 4 - which you can download for a free trial. I suspect, with the right settings, including noise it will make a very tangible difference.

I use dxo on my GH5S images now

lets me take night shots ...  I show proof with below image

those nasty GH2 raws are long gone so I cant try reediting them

if anyone has old M43 images and are now re editing them in the killer Dxo software I would love to see how it works

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