the early versions of micro m43 ......... not that great ?

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Re: the early versions of micro m43 ......... not that great ?

Mr Giggles wrote:

I remember using an early version of the GH series and being really underwhelmed by the image quality.

there was a really boring rending to the images which reminded me of the Oly SLR cameras from 15 years ago ...... which I hated

I had sworn off m43 and then I got an unbelievable deal on a G9

I was started by the difference in quality .... while not quite up to FF it was fine for smaller prints up to 16 x 20 which is what I print anyway

now here is the thing

I could have been wrong

maybe the editing software was not optimal and to be honest I forget which RAW editing software I even used ..... I always shoot raw so I know I was not seeing in camera JPEGS

so I am curious what you guys think - who have being using M43 forever

was the image quality ok for you ?

did you discover a special raw editor which brought quality similar to the modern M43 ?

I always liked the 12mp sensor look. In fact, I liked it so much I just bought an EP3 used. I gave my youngest boy my EP2 to have fun with.

Personally I think sensors have "looks" rather like film. older E1 Kodak sensor output looks different to the 10mp E3, which is different to the 12mp EP2 and the 16mp Em5 etc.

Obviously newer software can get more from older sensors, I might put a quick test up as I have an E1, E3, EP3, EM10.3 and EM1.3 for each sensor resolution.

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