How to have my photography appreciated, or mean something?

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Be patient, just hang in there.

When I first read you post, initial thought was, so what I have been in that situation for years and years but the difference is that it never bothered me. I had quickly learned that people as a rule could care less about someone's photos unless maybe it was of their kids, animals or belongings.  I just accepted this and did not let it bother me so kept taking photos and filling up shoeboxes, slide trays and hard drives with photos that were seldom seen by anyone but me. But am now finding 100 years later, quite often something comes up in discussions and someone says hey, I'll bet grandpa has photos of those days so a sometimes long but memory filled task is thrust upon me that when I find the moment in time in question everybody all of a sudden appreciates those old photos that this old picture taking nut took and stashed away way back when because no one was interested at the time but me. So maybe your day to be appreciated is to come. In the meantime, just keep shooting aways and enjoying the hobby but quit worrying about amazing folks with your skills.

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