How to have my photography appreciated, or mean something?

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Re: Now you know how other artists feel.

tex wrote:

Painters, sculptors, dancers, musicians, writers, & etc.

I would spend a lot less time looking at the many wonderful photographs here at DPR, and much more time looking at visual art and photographs in museum collections (great museums, not small fry. These collections can now be accessed online, but it's important to visit in person----just make sure that if there's something special you want to see, it's on view). These are the objects that we are preserving for posterity, and that generally have been determined to have strong cultural value. Of course there can be errors and omissions, and contemporary work has to be understood as not yet settled in the framework of preservation for posterity. Some works will be cast aside in the future, just as we have done for a century at least.

And the reason I would suggest this avenue is that the people who made these works have generally been devoted to the work over the span of an entire career (let's exclude very young artists---too much attention is paid to them imo), so in that body of work---whether you like it or not---you will see how a body of work expands or contracts, and develops over time, and how seemingly unrelated things/themes actually knits together , sometimes in ways that are difficult to articulate into words but is nevertheless present.

I am not so sure. I don’t think much was left in Russia about the czars, and museums are the first of places to usually have an agenda, or pay per play artists. Look at what’s happening even now. Many museums are filled with ideologically very dangerous people too. Remember that “ideology” has cost us over a hundred million *murders* in the span of a century.

So…no thanks.

And note that I used the phrase "devoted to the work". Too much has been made of self expression, and too little thought has been exercised over the works themselves as separate entities from the artists who made them.

Here's a fascinating place to start: the brothers Eliot and Fairfield Porter, the first a photographer and the second a painter. In many ways they were the antithesis of the splashy and dramatic work that was going on all around them, and in that you should see this thread of quiet repose in both their works, an amazing confluence across 2 completely different media and subject matters.

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