How to have my photography appreciated, or mean something?

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Re: How to have my photography appreciated, or mean something?

I think that I spent a while thinking just as you have... but then when I got some newer, better (far more capable) gear several years ago, not really knowing how I was going to use the stuff, I ended up shooting a lot and kind of fell into a groove. I found what I like to shoot, in my case lots of little details around my neighborhood and slowly developed an approach to shooting them. I began to think of all of these photos as kind of portfolio and then I'd be constantly looking for the kind of scenes that could be shots for this portfolio and how they would work with the shots that I already have. The point is that each shot isn't so much meant to stand on it's own but fits into a larger story.

I got into sharing this stuff on Flickr and then showed some of it in a couple shows around town that I've had, one in a coffee shop and one in wine bar... and I felt that it was a nice thing to show my work. Not so much because so many folks were running out to see it and complimenting me for it, but because it gave me a goal to come up with a body of work that would be worthy of printing and framing and would all make sense when shown together. The whole challenge of coming up with a coherent body of work and in formulating your own aesthetic style can really be the only reward that's needed. Once you achieve that, you might want to share the work, but if you're anything like me you feel confident enough in what you're doing that you're not likely to be so focused on getting lots of likes, but just in connecting with a few souls who seem to really understand what you do. Once you get to a certain point of it, the work is really it's own reward...

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