lens adaptor/favorite brand?

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Re: lens adaptor/favorite brand?

Andrew324 wrote:

one of my favorite lenses is a contax zeiss 50 mm that i bought an adaptor for years ago. i'm considering buying another zeiss bc it is probably my favorite lens. curious if there are any favorite adaptors out there? the one i have on the 50 mm is fine but i have noticed it's started to wear and not "hold" correctly.

C/Y mount?  I tend to like the K&F Concept brand adapters.  They are not the best, but the price/performance ratio is good.  The problem with most C/Y-EOS adapters is the latch that locks the lens to the adapter.  Its a thin strip of metal that looses tension over time after repeated locking and unlocking.  I believe that because of the restriction in size and location, they all suffer the same effect after some time.

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