16 Unique Features That Your Camera Probably Doesn't Have

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Re: 16 Unique Features That Your Camera Probably Doesn't Have

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MEDISN wrote:

It's not that any one feature is exclusive to Olympus, it's that cameras like EM1 line and EM5 line offer so many of these features in affordable weather resistant bodies that makes them so attractive. While other manufacturers play catch-up, Olympus users have been enjoying many of these features for some time. It's no wonder year after year so much of my work is carried out with Olympus cameras. They make it easy to meet client demands. On a personal level, they are engaging and enjoyable to shoot. Icing on the cake.

I think playing catchup goes many ways. You could say Olympus has been playing catchup in auto focus vs the competitors at least in some areas too, I don't see it as competitors being trying to catch up to Olympus as a sole one way street statement.

As great as Fujifilm cameras are, other than the XT4, they've been rather lacking in AF.

The X-S10, X-E4 have virtually the same AF of the XT4.  The XT3 was upgraded to be ballpark as XT4.  And I had for a while the X-E3 and that was pretty good.

And one could argue that the XT4 is still behind even it's Olympus direct competitors, the EM1 II/III and even the EM5 III.

Nope, because independent testing confirms they are ahead of them. Check out mirrorless comparisons on BIF shooting.

And affordable? Dunno, I see affordable competitors too.

When it comes to lenses as well?

Yes. Fuji has cheaper options, there are also third party options doing lenses and you get what you pay for - fuji lenses overall are pretty good.

I do think the system doe shave some advantages, but the whole list is presented as key Olympus advantages with some half truths thrown in. Telecentricity in m43rds lenses- right.

So you throw out the entire premise based on one potential inaccuracy?

No, as I stated above - some half truths thrown in.  It's not just the telecentricity claim but that's the most onerous one.

It's not that there aren't its pros but the whole list as I said has half truths and clearly is written by someone who's doing an influencer article. And honestly- why? Why the justify again? And just Olympus?

A lot of the list no longer really applies.  And m43rds unique selling proposition- size and weight, has taken a back seat for a while. Only now we have the EM10 MKIV and EP7... and the EM5.3 arriving quite frankly late.   They should focus on making that more pro, level it up fast.  Keep that advantage, because it's what the system reason to be depends on.

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