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Re: Telecentric .... or not.

Guy Parsons wrote:

Raist3d wrote:

Guy Parsons wrote:

Summary: As usual, the telecentric issue was 99.99% baloney from the marketing people, and people believed it without testing if it was true.

I don't think that's quite right. Back then the issue is that sensors were much more sensitive to light entering directly vs at an angle (i.e. those Kodak CCD's).

Just so, but my findings are that the bragged about telecentricity didn't really exist in a few lenses that I sampled so really was hardly a real issue. Maybe auto vignetting correction helped.

I never saw any real problems with my E-300 and its Kodak CCD sensor using those non-telecentric lenses that I used to use.

Some people seemed to believe that telecentric design was universal in 4/3, but that again was the power of marketing bulldust.

Well not sure how exactly you verified. What I remember is that it was part of the standard while not so in m43rds.  But at a minimum some were I guess where in m43rds, hard to say who is it.

I can say that I sure see different characteristics with the 4/3rd lenses that are better- micro contrast, no need to do some software corrections, not as easy to get purple fringing, etc.

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