Is there a signature Leica Image look vs the Panasonics?

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Re: Is there a signature Leica Image look vs the Panasonics?

Lynxo wrote:

Thanks everyone for your feedback.

I have no doubts the premium Leica lens are wonderfully tack sharp with their own character.

I was looking on the lower end like the V Lux 40 or X1/X2. Since those seem to have a Panasonic twin.

I might try the V lux 40 and give that a try.

Aside from minor cosmetic differences, hardware-wise the Panasonic version of the V-Lux 40 is identical to the Leica. The firmware and image processing code are different, though. IMO it's a matter of taste which you might prefer.

There isn't a single "Leica look" in my experience. In the M lineup each iteration of the sensor-based cameras (M8, M9, etc.) has its own look. I would say of the current Leicas that the SL2 and Q2 share the same color/tonal character. The M10-R is closer to this than the original M10 but still different. No doubt the sensors used (the SL2 & Q2 share the same one) play an important role in this.

The way the cameras handle and operate is the clinching factor for me. Also I love using rangefinders, and currently only one company makes 'em.  I ended up with an SL2 as well mainly 'cuz its menu system and control layout are very similar to the current Ms. That the camera is big & comfy enough to not cramp my right hand when I'm using it is an extra plus. (I gave up on Sony due to this more than anything else.)


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