Newer camera than the ZS3 with noteworthy upgrades

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Re: Newer camera than the ZS3 with noteworthy upgrades

saudidave wrote:

toomanycanons wrote:

I had a ZS3 a loooong time ago. I was a point and shoot photographer then, now I shoot with a D850 for work. I have a Canon 330 HS as my car point and shoot and actually use it a lot. Ya know, just point...and shoot.

Of course Panasonic has put out a ton of cameras since the ZS3 was new and maybe this is an unanswerable question but here goes.

Is there a model that can be had for under $100 used that is, dare I say it, superior to the ZS3? In IQ, in zoom range, in overall competency. A guy can spend a ton of money chasing the "best" but I just want to have another ZS3 for the fun factor...unless for a few bucks more Panasonic came up with something better.

For what it's worth, my Canon 330 was pretty much the ultimate at the time. It improved on what came before and dumbed down models going forward. So, yeah, a Panasonic equivalent of the 330 if that's possible.

I've had more TZ's / ZS's than I can remember the names of, but for many years I bought the latest generation as it was released, selling the existing one on ebay to part fund it.

In my opinion they got better with each upgrade, but unlike Erik I prefer evf's. I've had a few clearviewers, in fact I've still got one in my "camera draw" but I find them a bit of a nuisance to keep folding/unfolding, albeit they do work really well. They also bulk the camera up and ruin the smooth lines of it.

As for touchscreens, I wouldn't entertain a camera without one! Once you have become familiar with one, going back to buttons to access the controls and menu is nothing short of archaic.

Each to there own, but all of the TZ's were relatively good and I used them as my only camera for many years


The problem with touch screens is that - the few times I carry a camera in "on" condition, it seems like every time my hand moves, the "Touch Screen" starts exposing a video - usually of the street.

And, I only carry a camera in "on" condition in situations like Japan, where so many things 'need' to be shot - otherwise, the camera is shut off: a lot safer: much less likelihood of banging the extended lens on something.

I don't use buttons: Leave camera in "A" mode, wide open (ƒ 3.3) & exposure @ - .3 EV.

Every day I see so much confusion about "Settings": find the settings you like & then do NOT "play" with them, it is unnecessary in 99.9 % of cases.

"Simplify, simplify, simplify"

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