Frogs, Alligator, Owl, Birds & a Trick Neck (7/18/21)

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Frogs, Alligator, Owl, Birds & a Trick Neck (7/18/21)

This post includes a handful of shots to wrap up March 13th, then moves into March 20th, with a mix of birds and reptiles too.  For some reason, the often hard to spot pig frogs were very easy to spot - and out in the dozens that day!

All shots here taken with the A6600 and the FE 200-600mm G OSS combo, and are posted at 1800 pixels on the long side if you view them in original size:

A young purple gallinule standing on a free-floating ball of roots - he was doing the old log-rolling routine, walking as the root ball rolled to stay on top - he did very well too - loggers would have been impressed!

A tricolored heron, in breeding colors, flying close by as he banks around over the plant-covered waters

Closeup with a gator, cruising along with the sun lighting up that pretty brown eye

Shooting right into the sun as this wood stork tore off a cypress branch as nesting material and was flying back to its nest - I liked the washed out, backlit look that shooting into the sun caused, and the glow coming through the wood stork's wing

A male red-winged blackbird down by the water, looking for some food

A pig frog, right in your face.  You can see how they blend pretty well with the algae, which is why they can be hard to find sometimes - but on this day, there were a dozen of them croaking and snorting at each other, and many were quite out in the open

This yellow-crowned night heron truly looked to have only one leg (he didn't) - they can pull that leg so far up in their feathers that they look amputated.  But that's just their resting habit - to stand on one leg for a long time, then switch out to the other

While I was happy to finally get to spot an eastern screech owl this year - unfortunately this day was the first and last sighting, as they chose not to nest here this year as they have for the past 6-8 years - a large bee hive nearby probably made them reconsider their usual nesting area

Yet more pig frogs!

A side view to show that big external eardrum (tympanum)

Circling back to the yellow-crowned night heron, and voila!  He grew another leg!

We can always get really close to the cormorants - you can walk up and pet them if you wanted.  I just like to get closeups to see that amazing, beautiful Caribbean-sea colored eye

The lovely green heron, in their most typical pose - perched on a branch over the water where they can watch for fish below to strike.  I always love an opportunity to shoot these birds to show that party-trick they have...

That they're able to go from this short, stocky, neckless little bird...

To this long-necked sleek wading bird!  That hidden neck stretches way out to reach the water below, and it's amazing how there's almost no way to see that they have this neck hidden under those feathers!

Comments, questions, and critique welcomed as always!

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