LG K92 5g phone - 64 MP rear camera shots!

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Re: LG K92 5g phone - 64 MP rear camera shots!

Larry Rexley wrote:

Thanks for the advice. I tried Open camera along with about 10 other camera apps. Just now I tried Open camera again to see if there was an update. Both API settings... No joy.

The issue seems to be that only LG's default camera app appears to allow the full 64 MB resolution of the camera but does not support RAW (DMG) format.

I can get raw output with other camera apps but the highest res is 16.04 MB.

If i could get raw 64 MB output the results would probably be amazing.

With what software? Does your Raw conversion software have noise reduction?

Snapseed does not have noise reduction, and there is no way it is capable of achieving better results than OpenCamera DRO.

Lightroom does not have particularly outstanding noise reduction, but it does have it.

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