How to have my photography appreciated, or mean something?

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Re: How to have my photography appreciated, or mean something?

I struggle with all this. My nihilist-fatalist-existentialist brain wants something meaningful to tether me to others and to something. I have other outlets for that but I have been troubled doing so in my art as I get older ("older,") and fall out of my art communities just as I think I am becoming more competent but less niche (niche is not bad).

Basically myself and some local-but-internet friends are toying with the idea of getting some gallery space for a month or two.

There's an org that helps organize these arrangements, finding property owners who have vacancies and wouldn't mind getting some money temporarily for a small show. As much as I can scoff at vanity presses the reality is we are in saturated markets and it would just be NICE and FUN to have some prints up in a space that people walk by and can drift into and maybe sign a welcome book. Why not. Yeah, we'll all waste a little money. Who cares.

There are other good ideas here like soliciting other local spaces for such things. I don't love "well, deal with it, do it for yourself, etc." kind of responses which fortunately seems to be less here than it is typically with these sorts of submissions. As if I haven't tried that before, hah.

I had and have faced the same dilemma and am just going to try and do something about it, and finding other people to do it with has been a great community building experience in and of itself.

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