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Re: I'd not sell the G 12..24 for a GM 14

joger wrote:

Hm - I have no idea what the other focal lengths you've mentioned have to do with UWA lenses - I guess you've wanted to mention the lenses and cameras you own 🤣

You said that the 12-24G was the zoom that you adored most. The 100-400GM is the zoom I adore most. No need to attempt to be tacky.

Carrying two camera bodies - hm - weight seems to be no concern for you?

( my 2nd body is normally in a trunk for safety reasons in case my first camera would fail )

I carry two a1s. Most of the time the 600GM is on one and the 100-400mm is on the other. My 14G and my 24-105mm are in a sling bag on my back. (I have a linebacker build, so I'd be the one in the platoon elected to lug the 50 caliber).

We all differ in use cases - when using an UWA lens I never needed to date a fast aperture except potentially for the reasons I've elaborated.

I'm not a bokeh-boy, but I do use it occasionally, even with my UWAs. I'm a once a year astro guy, so the f/1.8 get regular enough usage.

I would never sell or trade in the G 12..24 for a prime that's not better since it is IMHO the better landscape and architecture tool being as good optically and more flexible - that's simply my point.

I prefer the 14GM. Like I said before, the difference be 12mm and 14mm is inconsequential in my usage. I'd sell the 12-24 because I'm not using it. With 50.1mp, I don't need those tweener focal lengths.

In case someone is on the fence trying to understand which one to pick the choice is easy for probably > 90 % or the photographers - the G 12..24 or in case weight does not worry the GM 12..24 - both are outstanding in optical quality.

I thought about the 12-24GM before the 14GM came along. Weight and cost, with little gain over the 12-24G put me off the GM. OTOH, the 14GM really gets everything else done, with superior aperture flexibility, so long as you don't really need 12mm.

Of course you can crop in and that's the beauty of the Sony eco system - you can choose high res bodies to start with to get a lower resolution - well in case it's for good reasons.

Yes, so choosing between an a9 and an a1, that's a huge factor. The other is the superior AF system of the a1, but that's only important for BIF and many sports.

Stitching with UWA lenses is a bit more tricky but with lots of work doable - tele lenes work much better for stitching to my experiences.

Yes, you need to overlap much more; however, the less distortion you have, the less overlap. I'm thinking that it might be nice with a big-sky, mountains kind of shot and I'd only stitch 2 or 3. We'll see...

I was just surprised that you intend to sell your G 12..24 - for me very hard to understand owning both.

I'm from the school of, why own two that do the same thing? Of course, I'm working with 50.1mp, so that might be a difference maker. I have no idea which body you're using.

BTW - do you have a source where hipsters like the aperture ring? I thought they fiddle around with the camera body or do everything in P mode

No, I just have hipster relatives and think that I know their behavior.

The reasons for an aperture ring is surely not nostalgia but being able to see the aperture without the need of looking at any display. Makes the workflow e.g. on a tripod much more convenient and limits accidental wrong settings.

LOL, I NEVER EVER look outside the EVF. I might do that much more if I shot video, which is almost never. When I'm teaching wildlife photographers with mirrorless bodies, an early lesson is don't take your eye off the EVF. Of course that carries over to all of my shooting, except astro.

I buy lenses because of an aperture ring but the G 12..24 not having one does not distract me offering other good characteristics.

Well yeah, and most people don't need it. It's a distraction, unless you're shooting video and need your face away from the EVF for other reasons.

Great discussion.

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