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What's missing ...

Ontarian wrote:

Want to increase my current reach for birding from 480mm (35mm equiv) to 600mm or 800mm without the kit getting any heavier than my 3.25 lb / 1475 gm Canon kit. That pretty well puts me into the bridge or M4/3 camps.

I was thinking of the Lumix G9 IV or the Olympus E-M1 II as good options and pairing them with either the 100-300 or 100-400 lenses.

Anyone have experience with either of these setups?

Not worried about video performance, but AF and IQ are important.

What's missing from this discussion is what gear do you currently have (I haven't read every sub-post if it's hidden in there somewhere)?

You say you have a 480mm equiv. setup now. I'm going to take a wild guess that is a 300mm lens (or zoom) on a Canon crop body as that matches nicely.

Now you say you want to go to 600 or 800 equiv. using m43 and assuming the 2x crop is going to help you. What you seem to be missing is that your APSC Canon (assuming I'm right) can also do a 2x crop as can any FF camera. Nothing magical about a sensor the size of m43. All bigger sensors also have smaller sensor inside them.

Often people worry about the number of pixels and forget the quality of those pixels also matters. Sensor area is just as important as MP.

Canon has both mirrorless and DSLRs with 33 MP APSC sensors. Crop one of those to the size of a m43 sensor and you'll still have something very close to the 20MP in a m43 camera and you always have the option of using the whole sensor or some other crop.

Some more info on your current setup would help. Maybe a new m43 setup is the answer but I'd take a good logical look at how you can get to the same place with some of your current equipment.

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