Is there a right exposure for digitizing colour negatives?

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Re: Is there a right exposure for digitizing colour negatives?

Diano wrote:

Tomm111 wrote:

Exposure, my camera is set to ISO 100 then I overexpose about 1/2 stop.The camera is also set to tungsten as my light source is 3200K. I use RAW as the file type.

Taking a white balance of the orange mask helps. I use Photoshop ACR to do the white balance and inversion. Then fine tune in PS. Works reasonably well. I have also found less fiddling the better.

Thank you.

My exposure is: F11 / 1/15s (A mode, auto shutter speed) / ISO 100 / RAW file.

My light is: LED flat light / 15W / 1080lm / white 5700K / CRI 80.

I do too, checking the white balance with ACR's white balance tool.

I adjust the colours both in ACR & PS. Yes, the colour balance is easier to work with if adjusting the Hue of the image. But I still can't get it done right.

So this is what I get, WB and reversal is a saved file for each negative film I use, so I apply those, then generally go to PS and use auto color, and auto tone. I then come close, if I am lucky. But luck has some factor here. I have stopped doing color, as I think digital is better, but I still do B&W negatives.

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