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Re: walk around: DX ?

Tord S Eriksson wrote:

The D7500 is to me one steap ahead of the D7200, although it has slightly fewer pixels. At ISO 32,000 it produces images with little visible noise when opened with DxO PhotoLab 4, here is an early example (one of the very first shots, ever, on the way back home from the camera shop):

Dimly lit garage, underground. My latest walkaround DX!

The old D600 is outstanding, to this day, when it comes to signal-to-noise ratio, as long as one keeps under ISO 500, which I try to do as often as possible. Even beats the D850 under ISO 430, according to professional testers!

Your full size image is quite interesting. It shows that the D7500  jpg engine judiciously  trades in image resolution to reduce noise. The high contrast metal frame of the glasses, and especially its gloss, is coming through much sharper than the sharpness of the low contrast hair of eyelashes and eyebrows.

The D7500 sensor is only a little newer than the D7200. On Bill Claffs site it appears with the same photographic dynamic range as the significantly older D700 FX camera. The D7200 is almost on par with the D7500 (or D500) and at a clear distance in dynamic range with current FX cameras. The apparent boost in high iso capability seen in OOC jpg is mainly due to progress with the built in jpg engine. I do not see very significant differencesin ACR processed NEF images from D7200 and D500.

The "~iso-less" D600 beats the D850 below iso=400 in dynamic range, because of the "Aptina-switching".  But,  dynamic range is only part of the story, Aptina-switching allows higer S/N ratios in well exposed low iso images.

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