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Re: Godox transmitters and receivers

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I ended up ordering a pair of AD-200 Pro's. Can someone tell what is the difference between the two TTL wireless flash triggers? What is the difference between Godox X1R and XPro used on the AD200 Pro?

The X1R is a receiver only. The X1R-C would be used under a Canon speedlight that you want to control from a Godox transmitter such as the Xpro-C mounted on your Canon camera. The AD200 Pro has its own built-in receiver.

There are other Godox transmitters in addition to the XPro. They are the X1T-C , X2T-C , and Xpro Mark II which is unique to Adorama. The transmitter must match your camera brand.

Adorama also is the exclusive source for the Godox single-pin transceivers but they don't do TTL/HSS. These are the only transceivers in the Godox X radio system. All other units are stand-alone transmitters or receivers. The Godox hot-shoe speedlights have built-in X radio system transceivers.

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Godox AD200 Pro Review - DustinAbbott.net

The XPro has a proper menu, unlike the confusing custom function menu of the X1. Here you can cycle through many different options, and you can control up to 16 groups of flashes compared to 5 groups of flashes with the X1. Another interesting feature of the Godox XPro wireless flash trigger is the TCM function.

The X1T has really been superseded by the X2T, here is a video by Robert Hall which goes through the improvements in detail.

Having 16 rather than 5 groups is only of interest if you are using mains powered studio lights as most if not all of Godox's AD series of battery strobes only support 5 groups.

Te one big advantage that the X2T has over the XPro is that it supports Bluetooth and so can be remotely controlled from the Godox phone App (not a big advantage IMO). The Adorama R2 Pro MK II has Bluetooth.

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