Is there a right exposure for digitizing colour negatives?

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Re: Is there a right exposure for digitizing colour negatives?

Bags27 wrote:

Since you are trying a software program, I'm assuming (perhaps wrongly) that you're using a camera to digitize and want to convert in post.

Since you are using Adobe, there are two fantastic color conversion programs: Negative Lab Pro (that runs on LR) and Neg Master (that runs on PS). NLP is quicker, in that it is far easier to run batch files, but I slightly prefer NM's output.

I use only NM on 120 film, since there are so few photos to process. With 135, I'll often batch them with NLP and use that as a contact sheet. And then do another conversion with NM of the individual images I want to spend time on.

NLP also does a great job with B&W photos. Although conversion of B&W is trivial in CR, PS, or LR, I prefer using NLP, again, because it batches really well.

So, I happily own both NLP and NM.

Thank  you.

Yes, I am using a DSLR and a vintage macro lens to digitize my negatives.  My plan is to do it everything the DIY way.  This is simply for fun.  For this reason, I do not want to use any commercial scanners or software.  Simply want to play with it for fun.  I'll be happy & thankful if I get a good result, and be satisfied for the fact that I have tried.

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