How to have my photography appreciated, or mean something?

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Liberate yourself...

Shoot for yourself, be critical of your own work, only keep images that have meaning, whether that be a memory or just your interpretation of physical beauty or a moment or whatever it is, take less shots, concentrate on quality not quantity. Challenge yourself, shoot a genre you've never tried before, you may surprise yourself.

Looking for approval and recognition from others is the meal that never satisfies, social media encourages this, your ego can never be satiated, you will always want more, that's the hook of social media. I abandoned social media, instagram, FB etc, it's been great, life has so much more meaning.

Personally I shoot what I like, I don't care what anyone else thinks, I do it as a form of escapism and concentrate on just enjoying my time out in nature, if I don't get anything I like I've still had a great time, but often I do. If I do ever post an image I like and no-one really cares about it I'm not bothered, if someone does, that's nice, but it's no big deal. Some of the best photographers and artists were never recognised until after their deaths, but they didn't care, it didn't stop them doing what they loved.

Spend some time teaching others less experienced than yourself, that's far more satisfying than any image you can ever take.

Ultimately, maybe photography isn't the hobby for you, find another that is.

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