Full Frame vs Micro 4:3

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Re: Full Frame vs Micro 4:3

mfinley wrote:

Michael Piziak wrote:

I actually came away with a conclusion that, just perhaps, all the talk about image quality advantage of a FF camera, perhaps, just perhaps, may be a bit of "hype."

Shooting to post on instagram, facebook, pictures that will sit on your harddrive and never be seen again? Images that will be seen on a computer monitor, it makes no difference.

Shooting for large format printing it makes a difference. Dynamic range, detail, noise etc...

If all your stuff is going to be viewed on a saturated screen the size of a cell phone, it makes no difference.

If M43 finally brings out a new sensor the gap between it and FF will lessen even more for large format images.

no it wont. unless silicon is more efficient. which i doubt very much. thats like saying the sony A1 has a better IQ than the  5 yod a7r2, which it doesnt.


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