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Re: The side hinged rear LCD debacle

I had both. I sold the S5 some weeks ago because I though I didn't need two L mount cameras despite the fact I used the S5 more than the S1. I kept the S1 because of the 6K and the slighty better IBIS (not for the LVF).

However after some weeks, I realized I really don't like to bring the S1, too big and too heavy. The S5 was a joy to use with light lenses like the 35mm F2 DG DN. But even with large lenses like the 24-70mm Pro and the 50mm Pro, I preferred to use the S5 because of the weight difference.

So some days ago, I found a brand new S5 + the 20-60mm for 1540€ and I bought it (I sold my first S5 with the 20-60mm for 1650€). And now I enjoy the system and my lenses again. The size and the weight of the camera is really important, more than I thought, especially if you do a lot of run and gun, if you like to bring your camera to the restaurant, for event, or on long walking trips.

I plan to keep my S1 for now but if I could exchange it for a second S5, I would not hesitate.

A bit off the topic, I have good Sony FE lenses so I will to wait for the A7IV before adding a second S5 but my hopes are low for the A7IV. I have the A7III and I tried the A7SIII, I really don't like Sony cameras. I don't like the colors, the ergonomic, the video quality, the IBIS and more ...

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