How to have my photography appreciated, or mean something?

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Re: How to have my photography appreciated, or mean something?

I have found the same issue as well. Sure I share some with friends and family and they appreciate my photos, say the photos are good, but as nice as those comments are, they don't bring the same level of gratification as photos being admired by complete strangers, or let alone fellow photographers. I have found some satisfaction by sharing photos in Facebook groups. These groups give me a way to share my work with like-minded people as well as view the work of others and elicit feedback/advice to better myself. If you want to get more seriously into photography and possibly get into paid gigs, you want exposure. Don't be afraid to put yourself out there. Like mentioned above, go to local businesses and see if they are willing to display some of your photos. Enter local and online contests, just don't be afraid to get negative feedback, there is a lot to learn and constructive criticism is valuable. Most importantly, do not forget what you enjoy about this hobby and that you take the photos for your benefit, not for others. Best of luck to you.

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