Is my thinking about equivalence right?

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Re: Is my thinking about equivalence right?

Muster Mark wrote:

I personally am shopping around at the moment (trying to decide if I want to adapt old 4/3 glass to m4/3 bodies, or buy new lenses and potentially change systems or buy new m4/3 lenses) and thus did this analysis to try to compare systems more accurately. Hopefully it was moderately interesting?

If there is anything I should be accounting for that I am not (and you know how I might, e.g. t stops) I'd be curious to hear.

Here's the thing: There is a lot of really wonderful glass in M43. I would not, at this point, go with adapting, as it's a pain in the rear, and the adapters are only available as third party new or Oly used. And the M43 lens lineup is really nicely extensive in terms of focal lengths, price, speed, and sizes, so it wins there, too.

A lot of the answers to your questions can be found in what you like to shoot.

For instance: If you like to go long but don't like to carry heavy glass, then M43 is ideal. FF gets big in a hurry if you want to cover distances via lens optics. On the other hand, if you are doing most of your shooting in lower light, a bigger sensor is going manage high ISO noise better than M43.

Do you shoot a lot of macro? It's easier with M43. On the other hand, do you shoot images where you like to have lots of DOF control? FF is a lot easier to work with there.

I personally do an eye roll and inward groan when equivalence arguments crank up. For me, each format has strengths and weaknesses, and each has its place. Trying to shoehorn each one into a written equivalence comparison is fairly pointless, as it also doesn't take into account strengths and weaknesses of each individual camera or camera/lens combination, but, instead, makes broad generalizations about each system type that may or may not be entirely applicable to individual systems.

So, for me, I use my M43 for long work (birds, long lens insect macro) mostly, and have FF for wide to normal, or when I want to work in lower light without a noise penalty. I really like the output of the FF I have, but, when I take a good shot, it doesn't seem to matter what camera it came from; people react to the photo, not the technology that created it. So, I will continue to use both systems when each is the best fit, and, I would suggest that figuring out what the best fit FOR YOU is, is the path you might want to follow also.


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