Is my thinking about equivalence right?

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Coming from top tier FF, transitioning to MFT

People like to discuss the theory of this stuff  ad nauseam. I do think there are some practical sides of it IF - ONLY IF - you are shooting multiple systems AND using fast lenses on the larger sensor systems.

I have been shooting fast long and shorter primes, so used to more light, faster shutter speeds at those focal lengths - for what I shoot, it is a practical issue. For example, shooting FF 300mm f/2.8 or 400mm f/2.8 - I wish there were lenses even remotely close - there are not.

Also, at a practical level I can shoot equivalent focal lengths at the same with lenses that start at the same aperture, and in decent light, the images (especially with some distance to the subject) are fairly comparable. I don't feel I'm giving up anything shooting MFT. This I have affirmed through several different subjects shot side by side - two cameras and lenses on same subject, same light. When I do this in lower light, I can really see the difference in light, as my shutter speeds on FF system are typically a stop or more faster.

With closer subjects, it can be an issue in terms of DOF flexibility. That said, if all one shoots is MFT, then they will not know any better. That said, there is a reason I invested in MFT f/1.8 and f/1.2 primes to give me the flexibility I want at those focal lengths.

Honestly, it is my opinion that people over think this stuff. Know your gear. Understand its edges and develop the skill to shoot it well. If you need faster primes or zooms, then invest in them, but only if you know you need them for what you shoot. More often than not many people buy the more expensive stuff because they can, not because they need it, or know how to shoot it well. I have observed this across all platforms - not trying to pick on MFT shooters.

At the end of the day, each platform has its pros and cons - there is no one perfect system. Mastery of what you use trumps just about anything else - so invest more time shooting than debating about stuff.

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