Am I the only one stuggling to get Fuji colours I like?

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Re: What is "neutral"

jh3rd wrote:

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jh3rd wrote:

Thats the prob, non of the simulations are neutral, hence my effort

Colours are a complicated thing - and Fuji or any other company can not master things so that everything is "neutral". IT IS your own decision to say that some image has neutral colors. Matter of taste.

For example the light around us varies all the time - light is not "neutral". It is sometimes quite red and sometimes the blue sky is the only source. And light is reflected from things around us - light in a very green forest is not very neutral.

You just have to play/study more with your Capture One - a nice software with any camera.

I think your stating the obvious. Of course its a matter of taste, the raw fuji colours suck, the leica and sigma colours don't, thats my opinion. If you don't agree, cool move on. If you do, i'm open to your thoughts on how to get better colour from a fuji raw file. My opinion has nothing to do with the natural light, the fuji colour will suck in any light.

As I say, by setting CP1 to camera rgb & neutral I'm finally getting rid of the fuji take on colour 😁 did i mention I love the camera though!

Why not use linear response in C1, and go from there, depending on your taste and color vision. That's as raw as it gets.
And don't forget, we all don't see colors the same.

Having said that, the way I see it, Fuji's Xtrans colors tend a bit to the green. Nikon a bit to the brown, yellow. A Sigma DP2M multi layer Foveon file is very neutral. The only thing I don't like with Fuji colors in C1, is the tendency to cyan sky's, when the blue sky part is overexposed by more that one stop.

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