Am I the only one stuggling to get Fuji colours I like?

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Re: Am I the only one stuggling to get Fuji colours I like?

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jh3rd wrote:

Confusedabit wrote:

You could put this thread in any make and substitute the name really and get exactly the same response. Many Sony shots make the individual look seasick when next to other makes.

Fuji colours are for those that like Fuji colours and no vivid jpeg in any make I have used, and I do churn gear, has anywhere near the class and style of Velvia for a start.

Sure, I hated sony colours as well! I bought the x-e4 as I love the camera, but I hate the colours, so not sure of that logic. I will get the colours I like and always open to others with some suggestions with a similar point of view. If u disagree, that's fine but that wasn't the point of this thread.

The output in RAW is not really the camera brand colours is it?. Surely they are whoever made the sensor colours if they are really RAW. It seems a bit like eating a rare steak and blaming the Chef for the flavour. I know that the sensor mask or whatever it is called is different but then if X-Trans colours are not right then it is the wrong tool for the job and of course RAW depends on the RAW processor engine down the line plus the user.

Fujifilm colours are to me the JPEG colours. I think at best it is is anyone struggling with X- Trans colours to tie it down to Fujifilm in anyway.

If the same sensor is in 2 different cameras will the output be different and colours attributable to the brand? if not how RAW is RAW?

Interesting. Surely Fuji or sony or whoever gives a profile to the maker of the software to say how their colours will be reproduced in the software? Raw isn't raw in that sense as the software maker has to take the raw data and make a 'fuji' profile from fuji's input? I agree in the sense I can go back to raw raw (which I have done) and now i'm happier with the colours as they have no 'fuji' in them. Again the lens, the camera is fantastic (love it) I was jus suprised how much I disliked this 'reproduction' of their colour. I don't want to argue about it is or isn't good colour, i find it awful and others do to (who also love fuji cameras) I just wanted to know others start points if they struggle to get the colours they like from their Fujis. I'm getting there...... 😁

Funny you say all that, when the majority of Fuji users actually Like Fuji colors, own Fuji because of the colors and look forward to Fujifilm releasing other color profiles.

I think you're in the very small minority in regards to disliking the colors, BUT there's always Raw and other cameras.

There are plenty of users on YouTube that show how they edit their images in LR or Capture one, maybe you should look into them.

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