Who Else Also Pre-Ordered the Pany S 70-300mm Lens?

Started 7 months ago | Discussions thread
jalywol Forum Pro • Posts: 11,053
Rented the Sigma 100-400...Nope.

Since my 70-300mm was defective, and there were no replacements in stock when I returned it, and the price of the 70-300mm is now back up to $1250, I decided to rent the Sigma and see if it might meet my needs better (or not).

Well, it came, I used it, it's a nice lens, BUT: Minimum focus distance is too long for my purposes, AND it's just a bit too heavy.  AF worked great on it, though, if anyone was curious, and it's decently sharp.  Just not my cuppa.

So, I will wait until I can get the 70-300mm on sale again.....Hopefully with a non-defective one this time.


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