16 Unique Features That Your Camera Probably Doesn't Have

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Re: 16 Unique Features That Your Camera Probably Doesn't Have

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Lost all credibility with me on the diffraction howler.


Yes, that one is a doozy. As you might know, diffraction is proportional to pixel size, not the sensor size.

Olympus M1.3: 3.36 microns

Sony a7rIV: 3.76 microns

Nikon Z 6: 5.92 microns

Diffraction is an optical property. It has noting to do with pixel size. Sensor size determines the size of the blur produced by diffraction on a print of given size.


LOL! I thought so. That bogus article has led a lot of people astray.

I agree that CambridgeInColour occasionally had questionable content. Unfortunately, that article seems to be inaccurate as well.

How about this one?


Diffraction is an optical effect.

The 2D diffraction pattern is called an airy disk. When the size of the airy disk central peak becomes large relative to the pixel size, it begins to have a visual impact on the image.

Jim Kasson also wrote about pixel pitches and diffraction:

Diffraction and ultimate FF pixel count

I suggest you read Jim's post again. It might help you realize that pixel size isn't an issue for diffraction on current MFT sensors. With Q=2, for f/1.4 you'd need to have a 5.5 GigaPixel MFT sensor.

Thank you for correcting me.

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