if rumor are true the Z9 looks like a great camera $$$$$

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Re: SAND THE Z800? Re: if rumor are true the Z9 looks like a great camera $$$$$

karlreed wrote:

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karlreed wrote:

I looked at the specs, and remembered my decision in 2008 to go from the D200 to a FF DSLR. Almost bought a D3, but, with FF glass, it would have set me back A$10,000 . I'm glad I didn't because not long after that, the D700 appeared, which came close to the D3, and used the same sensor. I bought that and was very pleased with it.

Now, will Nikon do the same thing again?

If so, and the Z9- weighs in at say A$7000, its possible I'd be interested. The Z9 will sell for about A$10,000 methinks.

Nikon has not hesitated repeatedly in the past at cannibalizing the sales of its high end cameras to better compete with Canon, and now Sony as well.

So a $4,000 "small body" Z8 with the Z9 sensor is a possibility. It would be cost effective to put together and would help recoup the cost of the development of the sensor. It would "crush" the R5 specs-wise.

But as Bob has said Z5 Z6 Z7 Z8 Z9 that's a lot of bodies to manufacture, and for each one Nikon must develop new generations in the years to come to keep the sales going. So it may not be practical to go that way even if it may make sense w.r.t competition.

I would expect that they might drop the Z7, or produce a z7iii or Z7S (for Sports) . The Z7ii is already pretty good, just needs te better AF and slightly higher rates.. May even see a Z6S

They probably will introduce a lower model later, but not soon as I don't expect they would want to undermine the sales of a more expensive model.

Now that the noise improvements are getting very insignificant, and resolution is already more than most people want, I see AF to become the next competitive battleground. Manufacturers are going to fight for smart and fast AF to appeal to the customers. There will be probably more subject recognition, not just faces and eyes and it will be more intelligent. If a camera can identify the scene, like portrait, birds, animals, landscape, etc. it can make better decisions where and how to focus.

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