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The side hinged rear LCD debacle

Here in the UK Panasonic have a loan facility where you can use the S5 for a week, I took this option and also got the 20-60 lens.

I hate side hinged screens…. But…. I decided to give it a go to try and cure my hatred.

The S5 is a brilliant camera, I was so impressed with everything apart from one thing, so on sending it back to Panasonic I immediately ordered an S1 with the 24-105.

I hate side hinged LCD’s even more now. I would take hold of the camera and use it in different situations hoping that my hatred for the side hinged would disappear, it never did, it just got worse… it’s an awful design.

To use the screen on a side hinged LCD camera, I have to use my left hand, find the groove, pull out, twist, re-align, rest the screen in my left hand, then look to the left of my lens as the camera points straight ahead, this feels so weird, then to put it back in I have to do all the same again just backwards... and if I wanted to use the screen again, repeat. So if I want the option of a low angle or high angle lots I need to leave the screen out which is obtrusive and conspicuous, it also nearly doubles the width of the camera. A side hinged screen is for two things only, shooting around corners and shooting yourself. Hence why Youtubers always seem to demand that cameras have it (Chris Niccolls is the worst, I’m sure if he reviewed an Arri Alexa he’d demand it should have a side hinged screen so he could see himself).

The tilt is so much faster, unobtrusive and convenient, flick of a finger and it’s in and out. I understand why people think they want a side hinged but camera manufacturers now seem obsessed with only offering them (S5/Sony A7S3/A7C/Fujifilm X-T4 and all the Canons) it’s a worrying trend now that seems driven by Youtubers moaning. And yes if the camera has the side hinged screen I can (as I’ve been told on many occasions) just leave it in place, but this robs me of a tilt, which I love.

Also I’d say that video centric cameras like the A7s3 and the S1h need the side hinged screen even less, who shoots vertical video? This screen is only useful for vloggers, mind you if you watch YouTube reviews they talk to us like everyone is a vlogger.

The concerning thing here is not only the push from social influencers and YouTube reviewers for the side hinged screen it’s the fact that the companies seem to be succumbing to it. Going forward it’s worrying, the way things are going we’re going to lose the choice sooner rather than later.

After shooting 400+ weddings I’ve never needed to shoot myself.


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