Full Frame vs Micro 4:3

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Last try.

MyDog Is Incharge wrote:

FingerPainter wrote:

MyDog Is Incharge wrote:

I said these are different tools and each has their own strengths.

Indeed, you did. And I don't disagree.

I never said M43 is always going to be better.

Did I say you did?

But you shure think FF is always going to be smaller and better.

I specifically said somethings other than that, so you are the one who just doesn't get it.

And I predicted you got upset when I pointed out one way M43 is smaller or better. I don't think you'll ever be open minded.

The only place I go upset is when you lied about me cherry-picking my examples.

But I did not lie.

Then you misunderstood.

You picked one of the larger m43 camera to claim m43 was the about the same size as FF.

Why did I pick the E-M1 mk III? Because the video in OP picked the E-MI Mk II. I just picked the more recent version of the same model line. The video wasn't about comparing MFT overall vs. FF overall. It was about comparing a "professional" MFT against a professional dSLR. I wanted to show the same comparison in the era of FF MILCS.

If I had been cherry-picking, I would have put an a7C against an E-M1X.

"Here is a comparison of the size of a current MILC from Canon, Nikon, and Olympus. Most of the size difference has been eliminated.'

But you picked the EM1 instead od the EM10 which has the same sensor! lol!

Yes, because the video to which I was responding used an E-M1 line body, and I was trying to show that the video's point was no longer as valid in the current era.

You cherry picked and you know it.

I did the opposite of cherry-pick. I used the same model line on one side of the comparison, and on the other side, since we changed from dSLR to MILC, I used the largest model in the other brand.

You didn't understand the point and thought I was arguing something I wasn't. This led you to falsely question my integrity. I've tried to explain it so you could understand. Please stop.

The EM10/4 is newer than the one you picked and much smaller.

You know but intentionally mislead, m43 offers a wide range of sizes and many are tiny vs. the smallest FF camera.


Even with a lens the difference in size is giant. (ignore the lens hood one the FF lens)


So the truth, you cherry picked, you know it.

If you repeat that false accusation again, after I have spelled things out to you repeatedly, my next response will be through the mods.

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