Writing about old gear can be therapeutic

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Re: Writing about old gear can be therapeutic

Travis Nicky Bombastus wrote:

Great to hear, BUT...

Such reviews would be good to write, but not to read. Nostalgia can make something 1000x as good as it really might be to someone else.

See a lot of it with these oldie-but-goodie type "reviews." No harm done as long as one is clear-eyed about it...

Just yesterday I was telling Ygor, my 21 yo friend and videomaker, how I started my journey as an indie filmmaker in the early 2000s.

He's 21, he thinks D90 and D300s video is ancient tech.

He was shocked to hear how things were in my "old" days (I'm 40, hope that's not that old )

I told him about Mini-Dv tapes, how it was digital but still a tape, you had to play it using a player and manually REC clips into the pc using a capture card.

Told him about my 3 mp PS which was head turning tech in 2003, etc.

I have tremendous nostalgia for these 2 things, they belong to my early days creating images (not actually, that happened in the 90s on a 60 mHz power mac using a VHS camcorder lol, but you get the idea).

My point is that I was describing him this ancient 2000 tech with a glowing nostalgia, but making him super aware of how #hitty that was!

Tiny sensors, no DOF control, tapes that you had to record into the pc 1 clip at a time, etc... you know the list.

Simply awful, no love for any of that despite the nostalgia.

Every nostalgic review will always be like that, they can't mislead anyone.

The bad stuff is always pointed out, because most of the time, we hated those parts regardless of nostalgia.

When people praise the D700, is because it's awesome, with no cons.

It simply is a timeless classic.

You can pick it up today, and in 2030, and still make amazing images with it.

No ifs, no nostalgia googles distorting what it was.

A ton of things are and remain amazing, despite the age.

D700 is just one of these things that were flawless to begin with, so it can't exactly spoil with time.

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