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Re: Telecentric

prsc wrote:

This is correct. They tried to design the system completely with digital in mind and in a sense went too deep. Early CMOS sensors actually didn't have microlenses at all, so the image-space telecentricity actually made some sense, but not for long at all. Only thing it really ended up doing was hurting the lens designs as it was pretty much just an useless restriction, I'm not sure if it was actually dropped during 4/3s time?

I am sure that my bunch of old 4/3 lenses stored somewhere are a mix of possibly "telecentric" and impossible to be "telecentric" lenses, due to that rear element measurement.

So it was mainly to do with marketing - the reliable source of most baloney in any industry.

When the sun comes up here in Oz I will look through a few of the old 4/3 lenses to see how they obey the test stated in Wiki as "Image-space telecentric lenses have an exit pupil infinitely far in front of the lens; that is, if one looks in the back of the lens, the image of the aperture is very far away." I'll try to remember to report back on that.

Aside: Heading towards a total hard lockdown in Sydney due to delta variation of covid-19 virus escaped from a US flight crew being transported to a hotel, so plenty of time at home now to play.

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