Is there a right exposure for digitizing colour negatives?

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channel curves

Part of the solution may be to create separate curves for each of the R, G, and B channels. I would suggest creating them on 3 separate layers for ease of tweaking the highlight and shadow casts back and forth, at least until you evolve something that is more or less standard and repeatable for each of the categories you're working on.

p.s. it's sometimes suggested to temporarily push overall saturation way up, to help identify which channels are contributing to color casts in different parts of the image. If you do this on a layer it's easy to delete & re-create at will as you experiment. Another good hint I've seen to create realistic reproductions is to de-saturate the blue channel for anything in the image that's not supposed to have blue in it, but that can get time-consuming with mask creation.

Good luck!
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