Newer camera than the ZS3 with noteworthy upgrades

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Re: Newer camera than the ZS3 - SEVERAL ZS25's on eBay

I had a ZS3 a loooong time ago. I was a point and shoot photographer then, now I shoot with a D850 for work. I have a Canon 330 HS as my car point and shoot and actually use it a lot. Ya know, just point...and shoot.

Of course Panasonic has put out a ton of cameras since the ZS3 was new and maybe this is an unanswerable question but here goes.

Is there a model that can be had for under $100 used that is, dare I say it, superior to the ZS3? In IQ, in zoom range, in overall competency. A guy can spend a ton of money chasing the "best" but I just want to have another ZS3 for the fun factor...unless for a few bucks more Panasonic came up with something better.

For what it's worth, my Canon 330 was pretty much the ultimate at the time. It improved on what came before and dumbed down models going forward. So, yeah, a Panasonic equivalent of the 330 if that's possible.

20X zoom, good results. Just like the 2 ZS 19's my wife & I took to Japan, but without the annoying "Touch Screens" which wound up taking lots of unwanted pictures .

ZS 25 also seems a bit more rugged - and, I ran some full-zoom tests while the ZS60 which is supposed to have longer (30x) zoom & I could see no reason to move to the ZS60: the ZS60's "30x" zoom showed no significantly superior results to the ZS25 when the latter was 'enlarged' to the same size. Particularly since the ZS cameras got bulkier starting with the ZS40 - too big for MY pocket!!

I carry a ZS20 in my pocket ALWAYS - except when I carry a Casio ZR800, which is the same svelte size & boasts a Dual-Processor which in it's "Super Resolution" mode shoots a "Burst" of exposures which it then processes for enhanced sharpness (and which produces noticeably sharper results.

Casio has dropped out of the camera business, but Casio EX-ZR 700, 800, or 850 - (all virtually the same) are available on eBay & probably elsewhere, for a bit more than the Panny.

For all practical purposes, I'd look for a a Casio, or a Panny ZS25: (or ZS30 - very similar). It's all that the ZS3 was, and more, & even weighs a bit less. No "EVF", but I prefer my "Clearviewer" anyway.

My 2¢

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